Easily Get The Best Parking Space

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A shopping trip can often become a nightmare before you ever set foot in the store. If you can’t find a decent parking spot, it can ruin your fun before it even gets started. However, insurancesolutionsplus.com, there are some tips for easily getting the best parking space. One way to get the best parking space is to eye the handicapped spaces. These spaces often aren’t marked the best, and it’s difficult to tell where the spaces end. This leads to the space next to the last handicapped space sometimes being left open. If you can snag that space, you will be practically next to the entrance. Another strategy for finding the best spot is to master the spot of hovering. Watch for people leaving the stores, and if you see several customers all heading to the same row, it’s likely several places will be coming open there. Don’t be afraid to hover in a spot where you can see several spaces and rows. As long is no one is waiting behind you and you aren’t blocking traffic, you can stay there as long as you want. If you are willing to walk a bit, target spots about halfway down rows. You will likely find spots here much faster than at the front.Still bored? Click to continue: Louisville Walmart has a Problem with Illegally Parked Cars

Stay Safe While Walking To Your Car

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Staying alert is extremely important when you need to walk to your car across an empty or dark parking lot. If at all possible, try to avoid putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation by parking near crowded public areas. If you need to go shopping, try to get to the store early to avoid being one of the last people to leave. When parking, look specifically for well-lit spots that are not blocked by trees, fences or any other obstacles.

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The 4 Best Parking Garage Action Movie Scenes

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Parking garages provide creepy and intense environments for some of Hollywood’s greatest action sequences. Here are the best four parking garage action movie scenes.

The Terminator

Sarah Connor isn’t quite sure if the strange man who says he’s from the future is there to help or hurt her, but everything becomes clear in a random parking garage in Los Angeles. Little do the police know that one of their own cars is being used by a cyborg from the future.


Robocop’s showdown with the ED 209 couldn’t have occurred in a worse place than the parking

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Five Tips To Prevent Theft Inside A Parking Lot

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Parking lots are a breeding ground for potential thefts. Here are five tips to help you to prevent theft inside of a parking lot.

Hide Your Valuables
You will be surprised at the number of people that routinely leave there valuables in plain sight. Motorists should always keep their valued possessions in a secure location. Lurking thieves are always on the prowl for possessions that are left inside of your vehicle.

Lock Your Doors
Even if you only plan to be away momentarily, you should keep your doors locked at all times. You never

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Avoid An Accident In A Parking Garage

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You wouldn’t necessarily think of parking garages as dangerous places for accidents, because everyone is forced to go slow. However accidents in garages are more common than you might think.

One way to avoid accidents in a parking garage is to pay attention. While you are driving around looking for a parking space, you need to keep one eye open for potential hazards. Parking garages are dark and often have sharp turns, making it hard to see other cars.

Another way to avoid a parking garage accident is to obey all signs. Though the layout in many

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The 5 Most Innovative Parking Garages In U.S.

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Creating and designing more efficient parking garages and structures can be an essential part of any urban planning or development effort. Providing drivers and motorists with the means to more easily access densely populated areas can be essential for local local economies and ensuring that visitors and residents of urban areas are able to access the environment with greater ease and a minimum disruption with regards to surrounding traffic. New designs, www.carinsurance-deals.com, technologies and concepts have allowed for a wider range of parking garages and structures that are able to offer superior solutions and make more economical use of available space.

Keeping cars, trucks and other vehicles off of surface streets can have a number of important benefits for local businesses and area residents. Using street space for other more important matters can be of far greater benefit to cities and urban environments that have struggled with traffic congestion, lack of access to popular areas or that have been seeking to free up space for future development and construction. The role that parking structures play in urban planning and city development is an important one, and new innovations and more effective designs have made possible structures that are able to provide superior solutions for city planning.